The first lady part two

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The first lady part two
Jennifer Boyle curled up in an easy chair, while watching the eleven o'clock from the second floor private residence of the White House! There on the large screen television, was the image of her husband, President Kensington Holton Boyle, in a sea of admiring well wishers just hoping for the opportunity to touch the President's hand!!! "Lisa," the First Lady called out, "come in here please!!!" A few seconds later, Jennifer's chamber maid appeared at her door and asked, "May I do something for you, Mrs. Boyle?!?" "Holding out her glass, Jennifer replied, "Yeah, honey, get me another drink, and this time no ice and no water!!!" Lisa took glass from the slightly drunk woman and proceeded to pour three fingers of scotch into the oversized tumbler!!! While handing it back to the First Lady, Lisa opined softly, "Don't you think you've had enough, ma'am?!?" Responding with a short harsh laugh, Jennifer replied, "Don't you think I deserve another drink, look at him," she said while nodding at the screen, "everybody loves him, if they only knew what a prick he is!!!"

"Sit with me, dear," Jennifer said while patting the seat next to hers, "I need some company!" Lisa slid easily into the space next to the First Lady, and the two /women/">women snuggled together and watched the rest of the news! "What would I do without you," Jennifer sighed, as she let her hand roam over the front of Lisa's blouse, "you take such good care of me!!!" Shifting her position slightly, Lisa unbuttoned her blouse, allowing Jennifer to caress her /breasts/large-breasts/">large breasts in her low cut lace bra!!! "Oh, god," Jennifer sighed again, "I needed to have them tonight, you don't mind do you!?!" Giving her boss a kiss on her forehead, Lisa replied with a smile, "Of course not, ma'am, I look forward to our time together!!!" "Me too," Jennifer said with a hint of bitterness, "I just wished Kenny did too!!!" Caressing her cheek, Lisa whispered, "Let's not think about him, we're together now, let's enjoy ourselves!!!" After giving the young woman a long kiss on the lips, Jennifer replied, "You're right, of course, come to mama!!!"

Even though she was in fantastic shape for a fifty year old, her body couldn't hold a candle to the twenty six year old assistant, who was at that moment unhooking her 36d-cup bra!!! As soon as they fell free from the lacy under garment, Jennifer's mouth quickly attached itself to one of the hard pink nipples!!! "My, my," Lisa said soothingly, "mama's really hungry tonight, isn't she!?!" It was really a rhetorical question, but without releasing the /big/big-tit/">big tit from her mouth Jennifer mumbled, "Mmmmmm, mama hungry!!!" In a light lyrical voice, Lisa admonished her boss, "Didn't your mother ever teach you not to talk with your mouth full!?!" This time Jennifer let the nipple slip from her lips and replied softly, "Well, my mother never had anything like this in her mouth!!!" Both women laughed together at that one, with Jennifer again taking a nipple into her mouth and nursing like she was a baby!!! While Jennifer continued to suck, Lisa said, "Say, hon, you know something we haven't done for a while, we haven't taken a shower together, what do you say we go in and soap each other up!?!" Jennifer popped up with her eyes shining and offered, "Let's take a bath instead, it's more relaxing!!!" Arm in arm, the two of them made their way to the /master/">master bathroom, where both of them stripped off the rest of their clothing and Lisa started running the bath!!!

The tub was large, a whirlpool to be exact, easily capable of handling three or four people! "Boy this feels nice," Jennifer opined, "Kenny and I used to use it a couple of times a week after he was first elected!" After that little out burst neither one of them spoke for a few minutes until Lisa offered, "Why don't you sit up on the edge of the tub and I'll take care of you!!!" In a teasing voice Jennifer asked, "And how are you going to take care of me!?!" "You just sit up there and I'll show you," Lisa replied while helping the First Lady hop onto the edge of the tub!!!" "Now," she said softly, "just let Lisa take care of her mama's pussy, that's a /good/good-girl/">good girl, spread for Lisa, show her your nice plump lips!!!" The second her pussy felt the soft but insistent tongue probing its opening, Jennifer's body stiffened, as if anticipating the frontal assault that was sure to come!!! "Oh, my," Lisa cooed, "you have a /wet/pussy-wet/very-wet-pussy/">very wet pussy, and your clit is already hard, have you been having naughty thoughts!?!" "Ohhhhhhhhh, god," Jennifer moaned, "i-it depends on your definition of naughty!!!" Chuckling a little, Lisa replied between licks, "Oh, you know, thinking about having a young woman sucking your pussy, those kind of thoughts!!!" "T-those kind," Jennifer blowjob porn videos gasped, "I would never have any impure thoughts, I'm a good girl, my mother told me so!!!" "Hmmmm," Lisa hummed, "I'll bet your mother never knew you loved a /pussy/good-pussy/">good pussy lapping by a young lady, either!!!" "P-probably not," Jennifer stammered, "but what mother doesn't know won't hurt her!!!" Lisa bored in on Jennifer's distended clit and then asked sweetly, "Is mama going to have an orgasm for Lisa, because mama's clit is very very hard!?!" "Jesus, you make me feel so good," Jennifer moaned, and then it hit her, a tidal wave of pleasure radiating throughout her body from the little nub that Lisa was giving all of her attention to!!!

Jennifer slumped back down into the water and just luxuriated as the jets of warm water wafted all over her body!!! "Well," Lisa opined, "I can tell that I'm gonna have to take milf porn videos care of myself!!!" Oh, no," Jennifer pleaded, "just give me a moment to recuperate and I'll take care of you!!!" Lisa made a mock display of displeasure, but then leaned over and kissed her boss on the cheek and said softly, "You just relax and watch Lisa do her clit with the water!!!" Spreading her legs wide apart, Lisa positioned her cunt just right, so that a hot stream of high speed water was crashing right into her now throbbing clit!!! "Oh, yeah," Lisa moaned softly, "right on my clit, it's just right, oh, my, it feels so nice!!!" Jennifer floated over to the young woman and gently took a nipple into her mouth, and caressed the little /erection/">erection with her tongue!!! It was all coming together quickly now, the tension in her clit was only exacerbated by the insistent nibbling on her /hard/hard-nipple/">hard nipple!!! Oh, Jennifer,"Lisa moaned, "I-I-I'm cumming so hard, oh, myyyyyy," and then it hit, wave after wave of intense pleasure coursed through the young girl's pussy, while the hot stream of water continued to massage her throbbing organ through several more stunning climaxes!!!

Lisa kissed Jennifer softly on the mouth and whispered, "That idiot doesn't know what he's missing!!!