A Night With My ExGirlfriend And Her Husband

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A Night With My ExGirlfriend And Her Husband

I got another call this morning to travel to Melbourne. I hate flying and the bus just takes too long with the extra stops and the mail pick up so I told my wife that I would drive again. She doesn?t like it as I had a car accident a few years ago that almost took my life but if I didn?t start driving the long trips again then I would never get back behind the wheel. The best part about going on the road for work was the sex before leaving and it was always good. She would always ride me hard and milk me for every last drop. She always told me that she did this so I knew what I had left home and I knew what was waiting for me and if I cheated then I also knew what I would lose. My mates call it pussy whipped. Only if they knew.

When I was on the road I always like to stop at a few of my favourite places but most of them were fully booked. I didn?t want to go all the way into Melbourne at this time of night as it would be impossible to find a room. So I stopped at Ballarat (A fantastic decision). I just stopped at a roadside motel just before heading out the other side of town. When I walked up to the counter there was a beautiful lady working the drag shift.

This woman had the perfect hourglass figure. The dress that she wore was complimenting every curve. She could tell I was paying extra attention to her body then I heard her clear her throat ?H...HMMM? Whoops busted. My wife always told me that I was never subtle in my approach towards /women/">women. I was too embarrassed to look up. When I did I was met with a beautiful smile. Like the one that Katie Holmes has that sought of on the side of the mouth. Then I looked at her and I couldn?t believe who I was seeing. This was my high school girlfriend Renee. She was more beautiful then when I first dated her.

A quick back round on Renee. She was a Virgin when we first started dating and once she had her first taste of SEX. It was all she would want to do. We did it everywhere and anywhere. She loved to try different things. Once we were out at a night club she come back from the toilets and kissed me. It was a /sweet/">sweet taste, a taste that I was familiar with. After kissing me she asked me if I liked the taste. Of course I did, but played it down. That is when she told me that she just had met a girl in the toilets who hit on her and she has always wanted to try new things. So she went down on her and made her cum and then shared it with me. Needles to say sex that night went forever!

She couldn?t believe it was me. She came and gave me a hug. It was hard to get me hands around her for two reasons. She has always had the best set of tits I have ever come across on any woman. And I was trying to hide the biggest /boner/">boner I had as all the memories come flooding back of all the things that we use to do. She knew I could never resist her. As she pulled out of the hug to go back to her desk she let her hand slide past my inner thigh and brushed up against my cock. ?It?s good to see things haven?t changed?

I watched that ass of hers sway side to side as if she was trying to put me under a trance to have her way with me. I was doing all I could to not jump that counter and fuck her right there up against the desk in the foyer. ?The next shift is about to start and my husband is away until tomorrow would you like to go out for a drink tonight.? Trying not to sound too eager ?Yeah sounds good. Let me get a room and I will be more than happy to have a quick shower, it?s been a long day on the road and meet you out here in twenty minutes.?

She gave me the key to my room and I headed down the hallway. Turning back to smile at here but when I did she was talking with someone on the phone laughing and giggling. As soon as got to my room I was undress and naked in a second. My cock was so hard thinking about what could happen. I tried to tell myself that this wouldn?t. I was married she was married. I was happy with Emma I loved her. But every time I was around Renee there was another side of me. When we were together she use to call it the Sex Monster. She brought out the dirtiest side of me. I ran straight to the shower and without even having to tell you, yes I had to relieve myself and I will not lie to you. It felt fucking fantastic. I thought of all the stuff that I wanted to do with her and then some.

I walked out of the shower drying myself of and walked into the lounge area and there was Renee and her Husband sitting on the couch. There I was totally naked in front of another man. I was looking straight at him and he couldn?t take his eyes of my cock. I know it shouldn?t have but it turned me on more than I would like to say. ?What the fuck is going on here?? I snapped. Renee didn?t even flinch. She walked straight up to me and grabbed my cock and kissed me. There was a salty taste to her kiss this time I couldn?t put my finger on it until she whispered in my ear. ?That?s the taste off my husband?s cum. Now if you play your cards right I might let you suck his cock later.

What the fuck was I suppose to say to that. Her husband then walked over behind Renee and started caressing her tits. She leaned back into him and but still kept her grip on my cock. It had has never been this hard. She looked at me with that smile of hers and slowly started going down. Kissing my nipples and then the weirdest thing started to happen. At this time I had my eyes closed and I felt something that startled me another set of lips on my other nipple. I didn?t know what to do. Should I stop this or should I let it go on.

See I knew why this was happening. Because when we dated we use to talk about all the things that we always wanted to do. I always told her that I would love to be with another man. Now you have to understand the only reason I said this was because it turned her on. I thought if it was providing me with a better sexual experience; with this /hot/hot-chick/">hot chick screw it. I would say anything. Obviously I didn?t think it was going to come back and bite me in the arse now did I (literally).

So here was this guy providing me with some pleasure. Could I take this further? Well I didn?t have to wait long they both were now on their knees right in front of my holy grail. Renee leant in first and was licking my cock from the base to the head and then just putting the head inside her mouth and releasing it again with a popping sound. She did this several times and I was watching her husband watching her and then taking his cock out (thank god it wasn?t bigger than mine. It was around the same size of 7? inches).

He started masturbating while watching his wife suck another man?s cock. She was building up the pace. It was feeling great. But I had come this far now there was no turning back. I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it towards my cock. He didn?t miss a beat. He went straight to work. The funny site was him pushing his wife away so he could take a turn. He grabbed the base of my shaft and slowly was licking the eye and pumping me at the same time. Fuck this felt great. Renee got behind me and did the one thing that I loved. She started licking the inside of my arse cheeks. She knew that this was my Achilles heel.

I grabbed the back of her head and his hid and I was pushing them both with the rhythm of this pleasure fest that was happening. Renee didn?t want me to cum too quickly so she stopped. On the other hand her husband Mike he wanted it all. He was taking my cock in his mouth like he was a kid and it was the last lolly pop he would ever have. He would always start from the base and work his way up to the head and release it and lick the eye a few times use his teeth a little and then go back down again. Renee went back next to him and whispered something in his ear that made him smile more. What was to happen next changed my sexual appetite forever.

She replaced him and then he stood up. I was wondering what was going on. He then stood up on the bed, I thought at first I am not ready to be fucked yet that may take some convincing then I realised what it was that he wanted me to do. Return the favour. I didn?t know how I was going to go but I knew I wanted to try it. I just thought I would do the same that he did to me. My virgin mouth was about to get its firs cock.

I opened my mouth slowly and took it in. I accommodated for the girth and length then slowly took some more in. I adjusted again and tried to move further down his cock. I have to say at this time I knew that I wanted to suck more cocks that I could think of. I wanted more of this cock but my gag reflexes got the better of me and I had to pull back. I went in again and again. I just wanted more. I thought the taste of pre cum would gross me out but that wasn?t the case either. I wanted to know what the final result would taste like.

At the same time Renee was now positioned below me taking me in her mouth using every technique that I think Mike must have taught her as she was never that gifted with me. I pulled myself away from Mike and told Renee to take the rest of her clothes of. I wanted to see that body. I wanted to see what I had missed out on. Mainly I wanted to see the pussy that I gave up. I was watching her when Mike grabbed my head and as I was about to protest he shoved his cock in my mouth and started to face fuck me. I was gagging and had saliva running down my cheeks with his pre cum mixed together.

?If you want to /wife/wife-fucking/fuck-my-wife/">fuck my wife in front of me you are going to have to finish what you started with me.? He took his cock out and slapped my face with it a few times. ?Now you are going to have to swallow everything you have worked for? He hit me one more time and shoved it back in my waiting mouth and really started to get carried away. I was gagging again. I couldn?t believe how much this was turning me on. I felt Renee grab my hands and started sucking on a few of my fingers and then guide them to his anus. I knew what she wanted me to do and without hesitating I did it. I slide one in and then the second one.

Mike started moving around and I could see his knees begin to buckle. He build the pace up even more and then thrusted hard and held my head there. I felt the first two shots hit the back of my throat and I swallowed them straight away. Then the third, fourth and fifth followed straight after woods. The taste was a bit unpleasant but one that I am sure I could get use to. Mike then fell backwards onto the bed and I followed with him. I kept sucking him and not stopping. I wanted to let him know that I can take anything.

I looked over at Renee who had now taking a vibrator out of her bag and was fucking herself /crazy/">crazy with it. I called her over to where I was on the bed. I wanted to share her husband?s cock with her. She crawled onto the bed a little upset that I had stopped her from pleasuring herself. I passed Mike?s cock to her and she started cleaning it as well. Her on one side me on the other and my hand now under mike with my fingers penetrating him, he was getting hard again. I couldn?t believe this. Renee looked at me and smiled. ?He is like this all the time. Get him in bed with another guy he wants to hard all night?

This was fine with me as I have always told her how much I have wanted to watch another man fuck her. She was ok with this. She climbed on top of him and started to slowly slid down on that perfect cut cock. I had to lick it again before she pushed down on it and took it whole. She was riding Mike like pro. She would stop every now and then and grind down hard against her clit. This was making her wet and it showed. I remembered how great she tasted and this was a great time to relive old memories. I went straight down and started my tongue at the base of Mike?s cock and work my way up to her clit every time she grinded down on mike.

When she lifted up I would take Mike?s cock out and start sucking it. I wanted to know what a cock covered in her juices tasted like. It was better than I thought. I kept doing it more and more. With the view that I had and how great her cunt was looking I wanted to fuck her now. I pulled her off Mike and turned her around. I got her to suck Mike?s cock as I was going to take her from behind. First I walked around to Mike and fed him my cock to get me ready. I guess I was also looking for approval which obviously was granted with a little bit on the head of my cock. ?As long as you let me return the favour?. I didn?t really understood what he meant by that but I soon found out.

I started fucking Renee as if we were still together. She felt as good as I remembered. I think Mike got jealous because as soon as I entered her she groaned and leant back and wrapped her hand around my head and nibbled my ear. Telling me to fuck her like we use too. I let loose. I fucked her like you would if you were fucking a hot Aunt. Mike climbed of the bed and walked right behind me. I didn?t know what to think. Now this was it, he took my virgin mouth now my virgin ass. He got and spread my cheeks and spat on my anus a few times (very weird but hot). He rubbed the out surface a few times with his fingers and then pushed in. Fuck I almost cum straight away. He kept doing this for several minutes then ripped my head back and said ?I let you fuck my wife now I am going to return the favour and fuck you?

I was trying hard not to think about it as I felt the head of his cock push against Virgin alain lyle porn arse. I kept clenching every time he was pushing forward indian santali xvideo stopping him from getting in. He slapped my ass a few times and told me to stop fucking his wife and concentrate. Are you kidding me I thought? Then disappointment set in when Renee removed herself of my cock. She could see it in my eyes but reassured me that it is only going to get better. He pushed my head down onto the bed and my arse was now easier for him to access. I felt the pressure again but this time I didn?t stop him. He held it for a few moments and then pushed through again and waited for me to accommodate him and then did this until he was all the way in and held it there for a few minutes before pumping back and forward.

As the feeling got better and better Renee went into my favourite position with any female. Need I say more than 69er? When she wrapped her lips back around my cock it was amazing. No words can describe how it felt to be fucked be a man and having his wife give you head at the same time (All I can say is before you pass on in this life fucking try it). He was really getting into it. He would tease me with his cock just be only putting the head in and out and in again. He would do this for a few minutes then slam down on my and /fucking/hard-fucking/fuck-me-hard/">fuck me hard then stop and repeat it all over again.

When he would fuck me hard Renee would just open her mouth and take it then place the pressure back on my cock once he slowed down. This was it I couldn?t take it much longer. I told Mike that I was going to cum in his wife?s mouth but he told me that I wasn?t going to. I was disappointed when I heard him say this. ?I want you to /pussy/pussy-cum/cum-in-her-pussy/">cum in her pussy for us to both eat after I have finished with you? I didn?t care. Renee got into the doggy position as this seemed the easiest. Mike started fucking me again this was driving me harder into Renee. The feeling started and so did my screaming. This was fucking awesome. I couldn?t hold any longer. I released my load into Renee. I have never cummed so hard in my life.

Renee move to the head of the bed and spread her legs playing with the cum that was slowly leaking out of her and every now and then would place her finger in her mouth. While I was watching this display without warning Mike flipped me over onto my back lifted my legs over his shoulders so he could watch me as he was fucking the Virginity out of me. ?You fucking love this cock in you don?t you?? I was just nodding. I couldn?t get a word out. ?I am going to cum all over you... Would you like that for me to cum all over your chest and body?? I just kept nodding.

His paced picked up and then he pulled out of me and leaned forward and started pumping his cock. Load after load just kept covering my body. I was amazed at how much there was. Once he was finished he leaned forward grabbed the back of my head and told me to clean him up. I started to protest a little as he just had his cock in my arse and I didn?t want to catch anything. He slapped my face and called me a little /bitch/">bitch and told me to clean it. I didn?t hesitate again. I cleaned it from the top of his cock down to the base. I kept inspecting it to make sure that I had not missed any. He laid down next to my took my cock in his hand and started kissing me. It was weird but I liked it.

We heard this noise coming from behind us it was Renee trying to get our attention. ?When you two have finished holding hands do you think you could come over here and clean me as well?? Tasting another man?s cum is one thing but your own. I don?t know. I watched Mike devour his wife?s pussy like it was the last supper. That?s all it took for me. I was right there alongside him liking and eating and cleaning his wife?s pussy. Once we were done we all had a shower together. Now that was an experience in its own. More fucking and sucking and double penetrating Renee. We all got dressed and went out for the evening.

I got back to the room by myself and laid down on the bed and went over the nights events in my head with my cock in my hand. I called my wife who was a bit upset about the early morning call but was excited that we were going to have our first initial phone sex call. I left in the morning without getting to see Renee or Mike but I left them my details to get in contact with me. So maybe one day in the future I have another story to write about. By the way if you were wondering who Renee was talking to on the phone it was Mike.

Thanks to the respones I received from my last stroy. I hoped that you have liked this one. As always there will be more to follow.

All The Best