A dance Lesson In The Park

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A dance Lesson In The Park

Drew, Maggie, Danny, and I were at the park playing /crazy/">crazy games in the middle of the night. Maggie had driven us there while the whole time I had talked Drew into letting me do the unthinkable, to let her boyfriend, Danny, either outright sleep with me or have sex and nothing else. We were all good friends and the 2 of them went with the flow as long as they were together. 

In the back seat, sitting next to her, I had started asking her about it. ’Is he bi because although you two have been dating a long time he acts a little different than most /straight/straight-guys/">straight guys?’ I asked her. ’Why? Do you have a crush on him?’ she returned. ’Well, sort of. I mean he seems like such a nice guy, he’s kind of /cute/">cute and excited and active all the time’ I explained. ’If he was yours for a night what would you do? Or what would you want him to do’ Drew asked nicely but frank. ’I don’t know. Dance with him, kiss him, massage him or have him do me. Let me tell you /sister/">sister, it wouldn’t take much for him to get down my pants’ I explained the first ideas that came to mind. ’Are you a top or a bottom, babe? You know, the really soft and sensitive type, or the bokep sma pecah perawan masculine ’man’s man’ type?’ she wanted to know so I told her. ’Follow my lead, okay, Tim? I’ll set you two up and he’ll love it, but you’ll have to know when to take him from me and I’ll be watching the whole thing. Do what I have you do and he’ll be coming in you like a spring, I promise’ She explained excitedly. ’You’d do that for me? But you two are dating, right? I don’t want to split you up’ I was a little nervous. ’It’s okay. Tickle him a little, or kiss him once or twice when we’re out of the car and he’ll get the picture. We’re swinging freaks and believe me when I say he has a little crush on you’.

So we arrived at a park that was almost always deserted at this time of the night and we knew we had our privacy. We made it to the bathrooms where the most light was coming from and started talking about our individual adventures when Danny got bored and decided to tickle first his girl, then me. ’You do that with me and I’ll get back at you’ I chuckled with a blush. To test me he did it again, so I chased him and tickled hi back when I was close enough. He hunched over and face to face he was so cute tickled. He ran some more and I chased him back up to the restrooms. The girls by now were standing under a tree waiting to see what would happen and Danny ended up just far enough inside the doorway to not be seen by them. When he’d stopped and turned around I looked at him kind of shyly with my head cocked to one side, before slowly reaching in to kiss him. He accepted responding with a French opening. 

When we were done he looked at me sort of giggling, or chuckling and jogged away like he was only playing a game. I knew better. 

When we rejoined the girls they were laughing about something I was too late to catch. ’Are you ready to learn to dance now’ Drew asked with a wink. ’Yeah, sure’ I was caught off guard somewhat. ’How about we start with a slow dance to get your starting barring’ doing her best to make things progressively easy on me so there were mistakes or any rush. They got me into it with moving at their rhythm and when I got good enough at what Drew was showing me she had Danny take her place. ’Watch yourself and concentrate on the rhythm and movement. Try to think about what you’re doing’ he tried to help me get into it, but my mind was only focused on my instructor himself. Looking into his eyes I lost focus and wanted nothing more than to kiss him again. Slowly I was able to regain how to move and feel it. ’You’re doing great. See, It’s easy enough’ Drew coached and I stopped. With my hands around this /gorgeous/">gorgeous boy’s neck I kissed him long and deep. Gently he pushed me back. ’No, no. Focus and feel’.

At that point they were satisfied and Maggie was almost asleep. ’Okay, now for the bump and grind’ Drew instructed. Standing next to me she showed me how with hips shifting and pivoting. After I tried she told me it would work much better with a dance partner as I was sloppy and terrible so she stepped in front of me and took the lead. First with her back to me and then her front moving as she wanted me to move with shifting and gyrating hips. ’Danny get behind him and help guide him’ she told her boyfriend. As he did I pressed myself as hard against his groin as I could while still dancing. I could already tell he was hard. old waman xxxgx As we went down I kept a firm grip on his legs smooshing into him every chance I could and when we were back up he was breathing hard. Then I dropped myself to run my back along his pelvis, my head rubbing up and down. 

’That’s pretty good. Now for the ultimate test, Everyone dancing needs to drop their pants’ Drew watched us gasp. ’Well, do you want to learn or not’ so we all did so. Then the 3 of us sandwiched together with her in front and Danny in back. ’Put yourself inside me like we’re going to have sex’ I was told and had to look behind me to see if it was okay. He kissed me in response. When I was in and she felt so good Danny was to put his cock up me and he was so gentle. It took a short while to adjust, but when he started moving to fuck me slowly Drew stopped him with a wicked smile. ’Okay, you know this dance is supposed to simulate sex, so that’s what we’ll use to check ourselves’ while she winked at me. She had planned a big group fuck, an orgy of sorts, from the beginning. Slowly we rotated and gyrated. ’Goooo, uh, uh, faster. Dance like you nnoormally would. OH:’ so we did. I think she knew my kind and the kind of pressure this could build so she whispered in my ear ’come I me and let him come in you. It will be okay’. 

From very quick dancing to a standing fuck we moved faster and faster, one of my hands on one of each of their legs moaning as quietly as I could while they fucked me senseless. Then she jumped onto me and, with me holding her back and Danny holding her ass, they ground into me as /hard/hard-ass/">hard ass they possibly could. It was too much for me and I erupted sending so much /semen/">semen into her I though my cock would explode. After giving me a /kissing/big-kiss/">big kiss I let her down and reached behind me to /kissing/french-kiss/">french kiss the man who wasn’t done and was keeping me running. He dropped us to the ground in doggy style and started to head for home while reaching around to jack me off at the same time. Just before he was done he slowed down to make tender love to me, his way of being a romantic gentleman in the situation which got me harder and harder. 

With faster and faster strokes he brought the both of us to the edge and finally came in me for all he was worth. Just as he started slowing his brutal grip I shot my load, the last one spent.