Suck off

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Suck off

I have always had a fantasie of watching my wife suck off 3 men. Have had the hot pleasure of watching her fuck other men as well as the two of us having sex with other couples. But have always wanted to watch her suck off other men with no sex involved. Am very happy to say i finally got to watch my wife do just that.

A few weeks ago we placed an add on an adult site on the internet asking for 3men willing to let my wife suck them off while i watched. It did not take long and we had several replies, after a few days of writing to all of them and then sorting out the wannabees and the ones who were serious, we picked out 3 guys and set a date to meet them.

Last night was the night and we met them at a club had a few drinks with them and exchanged some small talk. About an hour later we all went up to our room. Once in the room we had another drink and some more chat. Then John stood my wife up from the bed and began to kiss her and feel her up. It was not long and the other two (mic and Tom ) joind in on the fun. All three of them were kissing her on the lips neck and ear lobs as well as feeling her up where ever they could.

I watched for several minutes as all three of them started to undress my wife. Mic and tom took off her blouse and bra as well as her tight pants. John took the oppturnity to undo his pants and let them fall to the floor. my wife then went to her knees and began to suck on Johns cock. My cock was hard as a rock and i took it out of my pants and began to stroke. Mic and Tom did the same. Trish sucked on John for a bit then she went to Mic and then to Tom.

while she sucked on guy the other would play with her exposed 38c tits and the other joined me in watching and stroking. Trish rotated between the three of them several times. While Trish had Mics cock in her mouth and sucking him John began to moan, Trish knew he was about to cum so she stopped sucking Mic and took Johns cock into her mouth and began to suck him. was not long and John let loose a load of cum into my xxx wifes mouth. Her head bobbing up and down and gulping in every drop of Johns cum.

Once she was satisfied that he had drained John of every drop of his cum she went on to Toms cock. The site of watching John cum in my wifes mouth must of had a hot effect on Tom cause it took only a short time of my wife sucking him he too exploded and load of cum. Toms load must of been huge as alot of it seapted out the cornors of Trishs mouth. Trish finished Tom off by sucking in all she could and by licking his cock clean with her tounge..( no that was fucking hot) Mic must of thought the same as he pulled my wifes mouth over to his cock. Holding the back of her head porn videos download he began to /mouth/mouth-fuck/fuck-her-mouth/">fuck her mouth. Before long Mic dumped a load of cum into her mouth as well. Mic pulled out his cock and let the last couple of spurts shoot from his cock onto my wifes tits.

what a great night. after the guys left my wife and i had one hell of a fuck. would love to hear you nasty hot comments and love to chat about our other sex times if you like e-mail me at wildtime43 at yahoo dot com