My friends girlfriend

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My friends girlfriend

It was the first warm day of spring. The snow had melted, and my junior year of high school was winding down. I woke up that morning and was so excited to get to school. Normally I would never say that, but the first warm day of school after winter is always the best. The girls all have gone spring shopping, and will be sporting their most revealing and exciting new clothing. 

I arrived at school, and saw my Mark. We discussed the great significance of this day, and began our search for greatness. Mark has a of 2 years. Her name is Sara. She is a nice, beautiful girl, and he has never cheated on her. He is of course, a guy, and still enjoyed "eye-candy" with the rest of us. Mark and I, along with every other guy I'm sure, wandered the halls taking notice of the girls and their outfits, and were quite impressed.
The day progressed and I had one remaining class. I was in an advanced math course, and had it the class period of the day. However, because I was in this class I did not have many friends in the class, as they were mostly seniors. I walked into real forced anal against her will the room and made my way towards the back row. I saw down in the chair 2nd from the left, in the last row of the room. A few minutes passed, and in walked Sara, Mark's girlfriend. She was one of the other juniors in the advanced math class with me. I waved to her and motioned for her to come sit next to me. As she walked in my direction I could not help but notice how hot she looked! Sara was 5"6, with a beautiful face and an body. She was wearing a white blouse, and a short plaid skirt. And if that wasn't enough, she was wearing a pair of white knee socks! I was looking forward to this class!

"Hey Sara, nice day out today, isn't it?" I said with a smile, trying not to stare at her legs in the process. "Yea it is! I wore my new skirt today it was so nice. Do you like it?" she said in a flirtatious manner. "Mark said I look like a catholic school girl."
Sara had always flirted with me, but nothing ever went beyond that. She was my friend's girl, and I respected that. "Yea, it is very nice." I said, trying not to seem too flirty. "All right everyone, lets get started", said our Mr. Thomas. Class began, and I immediately became bored of the subject matter. My attention was focused elsewhere. 

Since I was in the second to last seat to the left, in the back row, Sara sat in the very corner of the room, with no one else in view of her. I laid my head down on my desk, facing Sara. I pretended to be sleeping, and every so often opened my eyes and took xnxxv sunny leone video a good look at her freshly shaven thighs, her skirt riding up a bit in her seat. I was beginning to get hard. Normally I would easily be able to cover up the unwanted bulge. However, today was in fact warm, and I had worn athletic shorts. I raised my head off the desk, and sat strait up in my chair, hoping to hide my monster as well as possible. I looked strait ahead for a few moments, allowing my mind to refresh, lowering the excitement I was feeling. I soon laid my head back down, facing Sara once again. 

I glanced back to Sara's seat, and her skirt had risen considerably. The right side of her skirt had been moved back somehow, exposing a tiny bit of her beautiful ass cheek. I was in shock. I could not take my eyes off of her. A few moments later I looked up and she was staring right at me with a serious look on her face. I was busted. I quickly turned my head and laid it in the other direction. I was afraid she would tell her boyfriend, which I did not want. Granted I did not do anything with her, but he would still have been pissed. 

I just sat there, trying to think of something to say to her to ease the tension when I sat up. Just then I felt a hand on my left leg. I turned my head and it was Sara. She slowly started to rub my inner thigh, not quite reaching my quickly hardening cock. I looked strait ahead, trying not to draw attention from anyone to the back of the room. The pressure she put on me became stronger, rubbing as close to my package as possible without doing so. I did not know what to do, and impulsively looked over at her for only a brief second. She was staring me right at me, her eyes screaming FUCK ME. 

Because our teacher was very strict about chatting during class, we did not speak throughout this. I soon was pondering what to do with this situation. I did not want to betray my friend, but now she was lightly massaging my balls and running her index and middle finger around my cock. I could not resist. By her initiation, I knew she would not tell Mark. I slowly took my hand and moved it towards Sara. I put my hand on her knee. She stopped rubbing me and removed her hand and placed them both on her desk, taking notes off the board. I looked to the front of the class and our teacher was looking in our direction. I was so nervous, but he was only scanning the room, as teachers often do. I looked back to the task at hand, and continued to slowly massage her knee. Sara had both legs under her desk, and one of the desk's legs was blocking my progression up her leg. I began to think the game was over, and removed my hand. She immediately moved her chair back, took her right leg out from under the desk, and brought her chair back in, straddling the leg of the chair, allowing me access her right leg which was now outside the desk. I began to make my way up her thigh, enjoying every moment of this erotic encounter with my friends girlfriend. I soon reached the end of the line. My hand massaging her thigh far under her skirt, with no place to go, my pinky finger led the way down the other side towards her pussy. My finger wedged where her leg met her panties, teasing her loins while reaching in and out of her panties, grazing the moist entrance to her pussy. 

All the while we were both staring strait ahead, she even pretending to take notes. Our teacher did not notice from the front of the class, and no one had been looking back. Sara began to take deeper breaths, her eyes ever so often glancing over to me to let me know she was enjoying it. As she was doing so, Mr. Thomas interrupted the moment. "Sara", he said "would you please come up and complete the problem on the board"
"Sure", she replied. I removed my hand far before she said this, and she stood up and walked to the front of the room. While she was completing the problem, I concentrated on her great ass, which I was now receiving a rear view of. I imagined fucking her from behind with that skirt just lifted up"I had to have her!
She completed the problem, correctly of course, and returned to her seat. She sat the same way as before, inviting me to continue. I was hesitant to try my luck again, though, as Mr. Thomas was obviously looking over in our direction at times. I kept to myself, and class soon ended.