The Awakening of Alexis Part 5

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The Awakening of Alexis Part 5

My wife serviced a few more black men in the next couple of weeks, before Jackie arranged for us to get together again. She wanted us to view some video material, talk to us, and so on, along with some other people present.

One of the servicings involved Alexis having to meet a black guy on the other side of town but it was a decent area. As usual, I drove her there and we went up to the house together. The wife opened the door. She was black, tall and very /pregnant/">pregnant, but beautiful. The man himself was much darker, but shorter than her. He was friendly enough but very sexually frustrated. Months without a woman, the wife not even willing to fellate him or do anything else to give 
him sexual release. He stared at Alexis with naked lust. He was wearing a big bathrobe and nothing underneath. He deliberately let it slip open once we were inside and he was close enough to my wife for her to get a close-up view.

His cock was enormous. wwwxxx Long, but espeically thick. Big veins, a big head on it. When he opened the robe my wife just gasped when she saw it. She had already had a fair number of black cocks inside her but this one was different because of its girth. Even the dildos we'd used in the past weren't this thick. 

He just went up to her and embraced her, gave her a full mouthed kiss, his penis pressing against her crotch.

It wasn't long before she was naked. He asked her to suck him. She isn't very good at that and said she couldn't do it well enough to satisfy him. All this time his wife was just sitting there, watching. She smiled a little when Alexis said no. Anyway he accepted that and asked her to get everything ready for their lovemaking. My wife took out the vaseline and lubricated him and herself. He laid back on the bed and Alexis climbed on top. She put an extra amount of vaseline on both of them because of his size, then very gingerly started inserting his penis into her vagina. It was difficult so at this point the black wife intervened. She explained that the only way to take him was to prepare herself with a special dildo she had. It was narrow at one end but very thick at the other. She brought it out and gave it to Alexis. My wife climbed off the man and sat at the edge of the bed with this thing. She lubricated it and inserted it, gradually thrusting it deeper and deeper until the thick end was in her and she was comfortable with it. It felt good to her once it was going in and out smoothly.

All this while the black woman watched. Her husband watched too, stroking himself. I did the same, espeically when she finally removed it - her vaginal opening was wide open like never before. She quickly climbed back on the black man and this time was able to take him. After riding him for a while they changed positions with him on top. He worked his cock in and out at a fairly slow and even pace. He had it in to the hilt and he was sweating after about 
twenty minutes of thrusting. He told her he was going to start coming, and when he did the load was enormous. After ejaculating, he suddenly pulled his cock out of her and a lot of his sperm just gushed out. Alexis hadn't come and lay there waiting for him to continue. And he did. He stared at my wife's white vagina with his sperm coming out and in a couple of minutes had stroked himself hard again. the wwwxxx He re-entered her and fucked her at a faster pace this 
time. She reached down and started fingering her clitoris, taking some of his semen as lubricant, and came. She came again when nearly a half hour later he came for the second time. In fact they came together, staring into each other's eyes. I could swear that it was like love between them, bonded by the strong mutual orgasm they had together.

His black wife just sat nearby, watching, expressionless, saying nothing. When her husband finished coming in my wife and bent over to kiss her, his own wife looked pissed but again she said nothing.

He pulled his /cock/cock-ass/massive-black-cock/">massive black cock out of my wife and asked her if it was ok if he came on her again, but this time on her breasts and face. She said that was fine. He asked her to masturbate while he did. She did so, again with his semen spread over her clitoris, rubbing it in deeply and voluptuously in an erotic circular motion. He straddled her on the bed and stroked himself faster and faster and then groaned when the ejaculate started spitting out. The first gush was misdirected and wound up on her hair and the pillow around her head. The next streams though went onto her face, neck, and breasts. There was a lot of it and she looked absolutely beautiful when he was done. She was just covered with his semen, and some of it was still coming out of her vagina too.

He asked her not to clean up yet. He stared at her for a while more, then just lay across her body and began kissing her again. He didn't care if his own semen got spread over himself, in fact it turned him on. Alexis reached for his cock while he was kissing her, stroking him and occasionally fondling his testicles. Sure enough, he hardened yet again and was able to fuck her one last time, coming inside her again. After his last thrust he kept his /huge/huge-cocks/huge-black-cock/">huge black cock in her and just kissed and held my wife. She liked that and she responded the same way.

His wife still looked pissed and just threw some towels at the bed and left the room. We cleaned up Alexis and left. She again had taken a LOT of black man's semen and felt good about that, but wasn't comfortable with his wife's attitude. Maybe she was a racist. Maybe she felt jealous. Or maybe she just saw that he was just more turned on and performed better with my white wife than with his black one.

Another servicing about a week later involved something kinda weird. The black guy - he was in his early 40s I think - was there with his pregnant white wife - she was in her 30s - but also some other white woman was present. I later learned that it was his wife's own mother. The older woman was in her late 40s and still looked pretty good. She was sitting in an armchair next to the bed and was naked from the waist down. She masturbated herself while 
watching her black son-in-law /wife/wife-fucking/fuck-my-wife/">fuck my wife. He fucked her several times too - pretty hard - and came with big jets of sperm, and this women watched it closely as it seemed to arouse her immensely. I thought that was weird, I mean this was his own wife's mother, i.e. his mother-in-law and she was just as into the black-white scene, just as comfortable with a session like this, as the rest of us.

The biggest turn on was learning - later - that he often fucked her too. I mean he would sometimes fuck both his wife AND his mother in law at the same time, each servicing him, fellating him, and just about everything else imaginable. But I digress...

While he fucked my wife and while her mother masturbated, his own wife videotaped it all. Good close-ups, especially each time he came. Also good close-ups of her mother furiously rubbing her clitoris. She probably climaxed half a dozen times while we were there, each time caught on tape. We were promised a copy of the tape. We were also getting more comfortable with the idea of these sessions being recorded.

A third servicing was weird in a different kind of way, but also exciting in that different way. This was only a few days later and it was at a black couple's apartment. Alexis and I arrived and we noticed a number of youngsters present. Not in the same room as us, but in adjoining rooms. The black man and his black wife didn't seem to care. It wasn't clear if the kids were theirs or neighbor kids, but they were all in their late teens, probably all above the age of consent.

Anyway, he had my wife sit at the edge of the bed with her legs parted really wide and with plenty of lube applied, then fucked her in long and deep strokes. Her breasts shook with each thrust and he kept kissing her while pushing in and out. From the other rooms some of the teenagers were watching. 

There were four black teenage boys and a couple of black girls. The boys had their cocks out and were masturbating while seeing my wife get laid. The girls were just staring open-mouthed. When the man ejeaculated in her the /first-time/">first time and then pulled out, they stared as his semen flowing out. My wife had just come too and was still stroking her clitoris. They had never seen anything like this before.

The /surprise/big-surprise/">big surprise was that he invited the boys to come closer. Nobody asked me anything, or asked Alexis either. They came over and their erect cocks bobbed like /crazy/">crazy. They were all probably eighteen or around there, so they had huge erections with plenty of semen to release. One stood on each side of her while the man pressed his re-hardened cock back into her. She masturbated each teenaged boy with her hands while he thrust away. In no time they 
had both come, splashing their semen on her hair, face, neck, breasts, and abdomen. The other two black teenage boys stood close by too. The black girls wee by now naked below the waist and were touching themselves and breathing hard.

The black man fucked my wife hard and fast, controlling his own orgasm unti she came again, then he let himself go, each /ejaculation/">ejaculation deep in her womb. 

He nodded to the boys and as soon as he pulled out they moved in, taking turns fucking Alexis and coming in her themselves. This was not part of the arrangement, not at all, but neither she nor I objected. In fact it was more like a bonus. And she orgasmed a third AND a fourth time while the teens were fucking her.

The repeated orgasms wore her out and it took a lot of cleanup before we could leave, but it was a great experience. And best of all, his wife was ok with videotaping everything that happened, including footage of the teenaged boys and girls, panning from one person to another, but the main footage being of what was happening to my wife. Again we were promised a copy of the tape.

After this third event, Jackie was ready to arrange a group gathering that we talked about earlier. She said that mainly it would be other white couples there, but that a few black men would be present too for their (or her) own specific purpose. It was arranged at a big house out in the suburbs, more of a rural area really, quite secluded. We got there early in the evening on the arranged Saturday and saw about a dozen other cars parked there. It was a nice place and it had a huge sunken living room where everyone was gathered. We recognized the blonde woman from our first encounter, and her husband was present. He looked wimpy, an older guy mostly bald and totally gray.